About Us

Temple Emanuel is a progressive Reform Jewish Congregation located in Davenport, Iowa.  We are the oldest continuously active Jewish congregation in the State of Iowa.  Originally established with the purchase of land and formation of our cemetery, Mt. Nebo, in 1851, the congregation was formally organized on October 21, 1861.

So what makes us who we are?

As Reform Jews we affirm the central tenets of Judaism – God, Torah and Israel – while acknowledging the freedom of Jews to choose their practices and beliefs.  We are committed to the principles of inclusion, not exclusion.  We reach out to Jews-by-Choice, interfaith families, and children of Jewish mothers or fathers, and we embrace the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life and full participation of any others from a diverse background who embrace Judaism.  Our commitment to Tikkun Olam, “repairing the world,” extends well beyond our congregational borders as we seek to bring basic dignities, peace, freedom and justice to everyone in need. 


We look forward to hearing from you and inviting you to become part of us whether you have lived in our community for a long time or are brand new to the Quad Cities.  We hope you will find us friendly, welcoming and warm!