Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a wonderful and loving way to ensure the legacy of Temple Emanuel and their future generations for another 150 years.  Many people have asked about the opportunity of gifting money or assets to the Temple either while still living or after their loved ones have passed away.  It can be as simple as a bequest or a more complex financial arrangement which can provide many options and possible tax deductions for the donor. 

Some of the ways to make a commitment are to:

  • leave a bequest of a specific amount or percentage of assets
  • gift from your retirement plan assets 
  • name the Temple as your life insurance beneficiary   
  • assign real property to be distributed to the Temple
  • send in mature bonds and stocks as part of your donation
  • gift an annuity


What should you do? 

  • Speak with your legal and financial advisors as to the best way to structure your wills and estate planning to include the Temple in your current and future plans.
  • Contact the Temple’s Treasurer for further direction and information by reaching out to the Temple Office 563.326.4419.
  • Complete the  Declaration of Intent Form  and return it to the Temple’s Treasurer.