Confirmation was originally developed by the Reform movement in the 1800’s as an alternative to a traditional Bar Mitzvah at age 13. However since the 1970’s when Bar and Bat Mitzvahs made a resurgence in the Reform movement, Confirmation became an additional way to continue religious studies for teenagers into their high school years and encourage youth to continue advancing their Jewish education. Even though created by the Reform movement, the Confirmation concept is now being explored and adopted In some Conservative synagogues as a way to continue a child’s Jewish education and involvement for a few additional years.

Temple Emanuel has a long history of confirming students as a formal way of acknowledging their religious studies through the tenth grade. Students are encouraged to explore their Jewish identity, challenge their boundaries about religious expression and formulate their own Jewish theology. Often, students will select a Tikkun Olam project and perform a variety of mitzvot throughout their Confirmation year.

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