Jewish holidays are a special and meaningful time at Temple Emanuel. They are a time to gather and celebrate with our individual and Temple families, especially for those congregants who have no immediate family in our community. Every year we hear Jews say either, “The holidays are early” or “The holidays are late.” The reality is that the Jewish holidays are always right on time. They occur on the same date every year – on the Jewish calendar, that is.

The Jewish calendar is based on the moon (lunar) unlike the Gregorian (civil) calendar which is based on the sun (solar). There are periodic adjustments made every few years to make up for the 11 days (or so) lost due to the differences between the solar and lunar calendars. This way the holidays fall within the same seasons every year. All Jewish holidays, like Shabbat and all days in the Jewish calendar, begin on the eve or at sunset the night before the day of the holiday in the civil calendar, and close at sunset, when the holiday ends.

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